Monday, August 8, 2011


We arrived back home last night after a weekend away at our longest-time friends.  They live about two and a half hours west of us.  Kris and I have known each other since first grade.  We were best of friends in high school and college and it has continued on to now.  Our husbands are both "city boys" and while we were all in our dating years, the two of them hit it off splendidly.  Our kids are all fairly close in age...their son is 14 and entering 9th grade.  Parker is 12 1/2 and entering 7th grade.  Their daughter is 11 and entering 6th grade.  Faith falls a little behind in age at 7 1/2 and entering 2nd grade...but she holds her own with the big kids.  They get along as though they see each other all the time.

When they all come to the cities, they stay with us and we love it!  We haven't been their direction for quite some time, so we decided early in July that we would spend a weekend with them.  The drive there is lovely.  Lots and lots of farm land with small (some teeny-tiny) towns along the way.

Our time together is always comfortable.  Relaxing.  The kids play.  We grown-ups get to visit.  Kris and I went carpet shopping for their bedroom.  Scott and Thom took the kids to the pool.  We grilled burgers.  We had a bonfire.  We went out for pizza.  No one needs anything "extra" while we're together.  We simply enjoy each others company.

Spending time with our longest-time friends is about the "who" and not about the "what".

It's peaceful.

It's simple.

It's peaceFULLYsimple.

Wishing you beautiful day!

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