Thursday, September 22, 2011


I just noticed it has been over a month since I last blogged.

Life got a little busy.

School started.

Parker is in 7th grade and Faith is in 2nd grade.

Parker is playing football and practices are after school until 5:15 PM. Games are Mondays and Thursdays at 4:15 PM.

We have church on Wednesday evenings.  Scott and I have adult Bible study, Parker has youth and Faith has children's time.

My mom has been ill for the past month.  She has pneumonia and was in the hospital for four days last week and was re-admitted on Tuesday this week.  She had tests done yesterday to try to figure out of this is bacterial pneumonia or radiation induced pneumonia from the radiation she received in April and May of this year.  She is showing signs of both types.  She is one sick lady.

My dad went on a WWII Veteran's Honor Flight to Washington, D.C. on Tuesday.  He has been excited about this trip for months.  He left before my mom was re-admitted to the hospital.  We were all glad about that, too, because had mom been admitted again before he left, we fear he would not have gone.  He had never been to D.C. and he had a great time.  He found the city to be beautiful...both in it's setting and in the fact that it is so meticulously maintained.  He couldn't get over the Vietnam Memorial.  Iwo Jima was another one that struck him as amazing.

Today my sweet little Faith Marie is home sick.  She was coughing after school yesterday and this morning she has a fever.  As soon walked in her room this morning and saw her, I knew she would be staying home.  Her little cheeks were bright red and hot to the touch.  Taking her temperature proved me right and she is home with me for the day.

Parker could hardly function this morning he was so tired.  On Wednesdays Faith and I pick him up from practice, eat in the car and head directly to church.  Scott meets us there on his way home from work.  We're usually home by 8 PM.  However, last night we had to make a run to Lenscrafters to get Parker's glasses fixed.  He does not wear them to play football, but somehow when he put them in his locker the bow bent and they were very loose on his face.  We didn't get home until much later.  7th grade also means a new academic schedule at school.  He has Day 1 and Day 2.  Right now Day 1 is Language Arts, Geography, ENCORE, Band, Lunch, Gym and Art.  Day 2 is Family and Consumer Science (Home Ec, to you and me), Math, ENCORE, Band, Lunch, Gym and Life Science.  So basically, each set of classes is every other day.  Yesterday's homework is due tomorrow.  Day 2 seems to produce more homework and yesterday was Day 2.  He had all his homework done for today done on Tuesday.  He didn't get much done last night after church.  Tonight he has an away game.  He's worried about how he's going to get all his homework done for tomorrow.  I also had to tell him I probably won't make his game tonight because of his sister being home sick.  He was sad, but he understood.  He left for school today very tired, a quite stressed and bummed.  :(

It probably sounds like things have been horrible around here.  Not really...just a little chaotic.  There's been some funny stuff, too.  Like the other day in the grocery store when an curious elderly gentleman asked me why I had two gallons of vinegar in my cart.  When I told him I use it in place of fabric softener in my washing machine, he looked at me sort of strangely, leaned in and sniffed my shoulder and said, " don't smell like vinegar."

There was the day I took the dogs to the groomer and poor Max was difficult.  Player did fine with a bath, haircut, nail clipping, etc.,  Max, however, was freaked out by the whole experience...and he didn't even get a haircut...just a bath and nail clipping.  He's our big baby and apparently he cried and cried through the whole thing.  Not only was I embarrassed by his behavior (mostly because of the glare I got as a result of it) but I also felt bad for the poor little guy.  Let's just say that both dogs were happy to see their mamma...and I was happy to have them back home.

I have beautiful friends who have just called to check in, especially about my mom.  They have offered to help with the kids, asked if there is anything we need and most importantly told me they have my mom in their thoughts and prayers.  Lots of people have her in their thoughts and prayers and I appreciate this more than words can express.

So I've been a little distracted with life and have not had a good opportunity to enjoy writing in my own blog and catching up with all of my blog friends through your blogs.  I hope you are doing well.  That you're enjoying the full-swing of fall and school and beautiful weather.

I hope you have peace and simplicity.



  1. Hi Jeanine,
    Praying your mom will get well very soon!!!
    We have beautiful late summer weather here in Geneva and we are enjoying it every day in the park!! :-)
    All the best,

  2. I am so glad you checked in! I will be praying for your mom. It is quite the transition from 6th to 7th grade. I am hoping Parker is adjusting well.