Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I haven't written on this blog for a while.
But this week something happened that brought me back here.

A few weeks ago I shared with a friend's daughter (she's going into 5th grade) about peaceFULLYsimple.  She asked what it meant.  I told her that I use the concept of "peaceFULLYsimple" when making decisions related to myself, my marriage, my family...pretty much anything important.  When deciding something I want to feel at peace with my decision...not anxious or unsure.  My decision might take me out of my "comfort zone"...but I can still feel peaceful about it.  I also said that I want my decision to be simple.  It might be a big decision that causes some chaos...but then something else has to go.
I try to make decisions that make me feel "peace"...FULLY.
I try to make decisions that "simplify"...FULLY.

This week my friend shared with me that her daughter had a decision to make and she used the concept of peaceFULLYsimple to make that decision.  My friend said her daughter repeated what I told her about peaceFULLYsimple and wrote some things down on paper during her decision-making process.

I can't even tell you how much this touched me heart to know that someone...the first person other than my husband...took this to heart.

I think that's!



  1. Jeanine, that is so wonderful!

  2. That's great! Peace is really an absolute key thing with decisions!!