Friday, September 20, 2013

What in the WORLD is that SMELL?

In an attempt to utilize space efficiently in our home, our laundry room serves multiple's where the kennels are for our three dogs and it has also become my "office."  My husband works mainly from home so we have designated our main floor office as his space.

This morning while sitting in my "office" I couldn't help but wonder...

"What in the WORLD is that SMELL?"

Even with the window opened it stunk.

Then I started my laundry tasks and while sorting clothes I came across this lovely and filthy little gift from my son...his football pants (photo included for your viewing pleasure).

There isn't practice today and he remembered my request that he bring home his stuff to be washed.  The day they got their pants...many weeks ago...he brought them home with instructions that they needed to be cleaned.  Other than at games, that was the last I saw of these pants...until today.

I cringed when I saw them and was tempted to get tongs to pick them up.  But I've been puked on, pee'd on and pooped on more times than I care to count in my years as a mom so I certainly wasn't going to let a pair of sweaty, stinky, filthy pants intimidate me!  I braved it and picked them up...bare handed and determined!

The pads were still in them so I pulled those out as they are not to be laundered.

Woooooo...another wave of fresh stink wafted into the air!

Also included for washing was an item of "protective gear"...completely intact for mom to disassemble and clean.  The pads and "protective" item were removed and quickly taken to the deck for a thorough spraying using Lysol disinfecting spray.  They are currently airing out in the freshness of this beautiful, cool, fall day.  The pants, however, are still waiting to be cleaned in the pile of "whites" that is typically my last load of the day.

But as I sit here typing...I gotta tell's really not all bad.  That stench of stinky, sweaty, filthy football pants brings more joy to my heart than you can imagine.  Joy over a healthy boy.  Joy over the fact that he loves playing football.  Joy over the fact that I love to watch him play.  Joy over the fact that he actually listened to my instructions and brought the pants home for me to wash...even if he did just throw them on the laundry room floor and left the disassembling to me.

Wishing you a peaceFULLYsimple...and odor-free day!


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