Monday, June 13, 2011


Well...what a morning we've already had at the Johnson house!

It's the first FULL WEEK of summer break!  I love summer break.  Loved it as a kid and now I love it as the mom of kids.  Of course there are days when Parker and Faith will have sibling "issues" and I secretly wish that I could send them off to school.  But those are fleeting moments and they are few and far between.

So the morning started with Parker sleeping in until 7:34 AM!  You have to understand that for Parker, this IS sleeping in and it's sleeping in LATE!  All was off to a good start.  Got the dogs outside for their morning "duties" and filled their dog bowls.  Soon Max was barking more zealously than usual.  I went out to the deck to unleash him only to find that Player had gotten off his leash.

Oh goodie!

Nothing like one of our dogs off the leash at 7:45 in the morning.  I took a breath of relief, though, that it was Player and not Max.  Player is easier to catch and we usually don't need a leash to get him back home.  He just runs off his energy and follows us home.  So the kids and I slipped on shoes and went outside to find our little Player.  He was next door at the park and the kids spotted him almost immediately.  And Player ran home almost immediately.

Crisis diverted.

Next up...Parker told Faith he'd play the Wii with her for a bit.  Better to get it over-and-done with right away in the morning so we can move on to better activities.  They started off great...giggling with each other and getting along splendidly.  That quickly changed with Parker was going to show Faith a "move" and she decided not to listen.  Parker got upset with her and Faith fussed about it.  They argued.  Parker told her if she continued in this way he would be done.  She listened.  They were happy again and soon Parker said, "Faithy...I'm sorry I got upset with you, but I was just trying to show you something."  Faithy said, "It's okay, Parker."

Sounds like now the game is over.  They were just wrestling with each other and Parker had Faith giggling like only he can make her giggle.  They have moved on to the box of left-over Sunday morning donuts and fresh glasses of milk.  They are reminiscing about something Faith did to Parker when she was a baby.

I love listening to them talk, giggle, play...get along (which is most of the time).

It warms my heart.

Hope your Monday is off to a good start, too...minus chasing the dog (did I mention I was still in my jammies?).

Wishing you a peaceFULLYsimple day!

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  1. Parker's sleeping in sounds like Jack. They both seem to be early risers. Glad the dog was easy to catch!