Wednesday, February 27, 2013


"Tell me what company you keep, and I'll tell you what you are."
~ Miguel de Cervantes

Yesterday I had coffee with a friend.

We meet at a our regular coffee shop and our visits can last for hours.

I look forward to these meetings.

Yesterday I left the coffee shop to head out on errands for the rest of my day before getting home in time for the kids to get off the bus and I was refreshed and energized.  I felt blessed by this her words, by her honesty, by the fact that we can both talk to each other about pretty much anything that's in our hearts.  We talk about our families, about being moms, about how sometimes we can lose ourselves in caring for others.  My friend does not judge my quirks.  I haven't really found any about her that would even make me think to judge her.  It is a genuine friendship.  It was initiated by God.  He is part of our lives and our conversations.

I hope you have a friend(s) like this.

I have several.

It's a good thing...friends like these...


"If you choose to awaken a passion for God, you will have to choose your friends wisely."
~ Lisa Bevere ~

And then when you meet them for coffee, you can go about the rest of your day feeling blessed and happy that God has placed such beautiful people in your life.

Wishing you a peaceFULLYsimple...and "coffee with a friend" kind of day.


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  1. Yes, such friends are such a treasure!! Beautifully written!!