Tuesday, April 22, 2014


So often I would like to keep my children close to me and not send them about their days.

Today was one of those days.

Both of my kids have something significant to do today.  One needs to work on resolving issues in a challenging class.  The other has several days of state-wide testing.

My heart is focused on the fact that one child is his own worst critic and is beating himself up over performance issues.  Along with my daily words of, "Make good choices...do something nice...and know that I love you," I also added, "Remember...you are NOT defined by a grade or a teacher's interpretation of you."  

My heart is also focused on state-wide testing and the amount of visual focus that will be required to efficiently take these tests.  These first days of testing will be reading.  Reading is not challenging, but a large quantity of reading in a specific amount of time can be visually challenging...and exhausting.  She was worried about not doing well.  Again, my message was, "Make good choices...do something nice...know that I love you...," and this time, "...and if you do your very best you will have nothing to regret."

I may have physically dropped them both off at school today, but my heart and mind has not left either of them for a second.  Even while focusing on my tasks of the day.

I've been praying for one to have confidence in himself and courage to resolve whatever it is he needs to resolve.  Praying for him to never feel like he's not good enough.  I've been praying for the other one to also have confidence in herself.   Praying for her to have extra endurance to meet the challenge of additional visual effort that will be required of her over the next few days.

Today is scheduled to be a long one for everyone in our family.  Each of us has something that will not bring us home until late evening.  A day like this makes my feeling of not wanting to let go even more difficult.

But I must.

So I will let go...and let God.

Wishing you a peaceFULLYsimple day.


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