Wednesday, April 23, 2014


The title of my blog, "peaceFULLYsimple" is how Scott and I and the kids try to live our lives in a hectic world.

A few of the ways we attempt to do this is by...
* trying not to over-schedule anyone in the family
* keeping Sundays a day of church, family time, winding down from the week before and preparing our minds, bodies and hearts for the week ahead
* when discerning over important decisions we determine whether-or-not we feel peace over our choice and if it is simple...meaning does it unnecessarily complicate life?  We do this for individual decisions and decisions for our family.
* Sports or extra curricular activities are not allowed if it requires Sunday attendance, especially Sunday mornings.  Scott and I typically will not even attend a meeting if it happens on a Sunday.

Of course there are always exceptions to every rule.  But for the most part, this is how we try to live individually and as a family.

Did you see in the paragraph above that I wrote, "exceptions to every rule"?

This week is one of those "exceptions".

Except for on Monday, there is/has been something every.single.night this week, through the weekend and into every.single.night next week (except for one) and through the next weekend.

This is not a good example of our family motto of, "Seek peace and simplicity...FULLY."

But it happens and we will roll with it, knowing that this stretch of exceptions to the rule will be short-lived.  There is an end in sight.  I know this because it says so on my calendar, right around June 9, where the words, "LAST DAY OF SCHOOL" are written, followed by lots of exclamation points.  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This time of year is track practice and meets, finding somewhere for Faith to go for the latter because she strongly dislikes going to meets, field trips, birthday parties, sleepovers, Wednesday night church programming, weekend youth retreats for church, band concerts, visits to next year's advancement to middle school, meetings, 4th grade sleepovers, etc., etc., etc.

It's all good stuff.

LOTS of good stuff.

So when I have the opportunity, I will enjoy the silence before each round of busyness kicks in.

And when it does, I'll be ready for it.

Wishing you a peaceFULLYsimple day.


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